We were pleased to re-launch the club, 4th July 2020

The Committee have pulled out all the stops to make Sundridge Park Working Men’s Club a safe place to be.  As you can appreciate, keeping the Club safe is a difficult task, one which we will not be able to sustain without you, the Members’ help.

With this in mind, the Committee ask that you take a little time reading the information supplied below. If you have any feedback, ideas or any comments after visiting the Club for the first time this weekend please feel free to email us, good or bad, we would appreciate the feedback.

Safety In The Club

  • You will be required to sign in, guests can use the posters around the building with their mobile phones to register their details too

  • Familiarise yourselves with the floor markings as the Club now has a ONE-WAY system in place in order to maintain social distancing and protect all of our Members

  • There is a copy of our Health And Safety Risk Assessment and Members Safety guidelines available on this website, just click the links

  • We expect everybody to ‘social distance’ and have made alterations within the Club to help you maintain this at all times

  • Wash hands with soap and water frequently, every bathroom visit

  • Sanitise your hands as soon as you enter the building and after washing your hands in the bathroom EVERY VISIT

  • One way in – One way out

  • When you enter the Club we please ask EVERYBODY to walk into the first bar on the right hand side ONLY, do not walk straight down the hall into the Entertainment Lounge, this has to be entered through the first set of double doors on the left of the front bar, clearly marked

  • When you arrive at the entertainment lounge please find a seat as soon as you arrive.  Do not loiter

  • Only ONE person from your social bubble is allowed to visit the bar

  • RESPECT YOUR STAFF – Sanitise your hands AND your CLUB CARD before you are served (failure to do this will result in you not being served)

  • There will be a TWO PERSON ONLY queue at each till, please do not move from your seat until there is a space for you to queue

  • If you wish to sit in the garden or use the smoking area use the regular doors to access this, however DO NOT return through those same doors, use the double doors to the right, as you look at the building, clearly marked for entry back into the Club then move to your seat without loitering around other tables to chat

  • Do NOT move from one social bubble to another. This is not permitted, no table hopping

Important Documentation